E Screen Charcoal/Apricot 1%

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Motorized shade and blind material, semi-transparent weave, white on white, 1% openness. Motor options include 12v external power or battery operated. Phone, tablet, PC control available, or use hand held remote.

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E Screen 1% is our lowest see-through transparent weave (least amount of see-through). Please see roller shade fabric terminologyarticle to help understand weave types. Package includes hem bar, mounting brackets, tube end cap idler. Phone, tablet, PC control available, or use hand held remote.

Motor Options:
  -12v wired power, wireless remote (standard)
  -wireless battery motor, wireless remote
  -battery motor, wireless remote, solar charger option
  -12v wired power, wired switch

Composition:36% Fiberglass / 64% Vinyl.

1% Openness = 13.3 oz / yd2 (452 g / m2) +5%

1% Openness = .020" (0.52 mm) + 5%.

Size & Quantity

  • mounting brackets require 3/4 inch of clearance each side of roller tube Please press the SAVE button below after entering/editing your custom shade info, then press the "Add to Quote Request" button above. Comments and photos below are optional.

    If you are mounting your shade inside a frame, please note that the maximum width of the roller tube/fabric will be 1.5" less than the inside width of the window frame, to accommodate the mounting brackets (3/4" or 19mm on each side). The drop height is not as critical as we add enough material for a few wraps around the tube.

    If you need your shade to roll off the top to the room side, please let us know (normal is to roll off top on window side).

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