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Wireless Remotes
Our standard multi-channel remotes and sensors for our RollerTrol™ radio motors are very simple to operate, and have great range, reaching anywhere in a typical family home.

They can be configured to work for just about any type of home situation. You can group motors onto a single channel, use the ALL channel to operate them all at once, or control just a single channel individually. You can also use our wireless wall mounted switches, timers, and sun sensors in conjunction with them.

You can later add Vera and Veralite home automation controllers that work in conjunction with these remotes, also allowing control by any web enabled device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc). Please see our Home Automation section in the Category menu for more information.

The first three motor options on the fabric product pages are radio motors that work with these remotes. You can choose any of the 3 types when requesting a quote.


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