Remote Control Motors For Blinds and Shades: 4 Categories

motorized transparent shade exampleCustom cut DIY motorized shades and blinds are our specialty. These 12v DC electric tubular motors are safe and efficient, with no shock hazard. They are used for remote control of window treatments and home theater projector screens. We also have battery operated motors for blinds.

Just like the shades shown in this photo, you can have sophisticated, stylish roller shades on your windows, all activated at the touch of a button. You can also have automatic sensors that deploy the shades when the sunlight is too strong, and you can also operate your system with a timer.

Our remote control system is also "future proofed", compatible with many home automation systems using the ZWAVE controller that we manufacture. You do not need to make decisions at the time of purchase as these units can be operated with our simple remote controls (and wireless wall switches) right out of the box. Later, you can integrate your shades into a home automation system, should you choose to do so.

You'll see a drop down selector for one of the following types on each fabric page you choose for pricing. Please do not be concerned if you don't know which type to choose, we will be contacting you as soon as you send in your quote request, and we'll discuss your needs in detail to help determine the best choice.

Type 1: Wired Power, Wireless Remote

This is our most common type, providing wireless remote control. They are usually powered by a small power supply (provided) that plugs into an AC outlet somewhere, providing a safe low voltage output, with no shock hazard.

You can use a small color co-ordinated wire to run the DC power up the the shade motor. A white piece of lamp cord run against a white window frame is very hard to see. If you prefer, you can pull the wiring through the wall for a completely concealed installation.

Type 2: Battery Power, Wireless Remote

This is our second most common motor type providing wireless remote control, without any wiring! They are powered by a small high capacity rechargeable battery inside the motor itself. We have engineered an extremely low power internal circuitry that operates the motor for 4 to 6 months on a single charge (daily use).

When you need a boost, simply plug a charger (provided) into the motor; there is a small jack at the end of the shade tube for this purpose (no need to take it down).

Type 3: Battery Power, Wireless Remote, Solar Option

This is the same battery motor type as #2, providing wireless remote control, without any wiring! We have specially designed elongated "skinny" solar chargers that fit on the window sill, keeping your battery charged for a longer period.

Some of our customers report that they have never had to charge them, but it does depend on how much direct sun you get.

Type 4: Wired Power, Wired Remote (Advanced Users)

These are non-radio motors designed for use with a simple switch or a full blown home automation system (x10, Crestron, Z-Wave, Insteon, Elk, etc.).

For those that need a simple interface to control blinds and shades with an existing system, we have developed a simple interface that allows control of our shade motors and window/skylight openers by any contact closure (i.e. relays).

You need 3 relays, one for UP, one for STOP and one for DOWN. If you're interested in this approach, please ask about this when you request a quote.

Please Note: Our blind motors and window openers are operated with wall mount and hand held controls, and our system is designed to allow automation to be added at any time. This means you can start with our simple remote controls and add the automation later, and take your time with it. Our remote controls will continue to function while you build your automation system and will also continue to function after the automation is activated.