E Screen White/White 5%

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Motorized shade and blind material, semi-transparent weave, white on white, 5% openness. Motor options: battery power, solar option, hard wired 12v DC. Hand held remotes can be extended for wifi control by phone, tablet or PC.

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E Screen 5% is a more open, see-through transparent weave (mid amount of see-through). Please see roller shade fabric terminology article to help understand weave types. Package includes hem bar, tube end cap idler, mounting brackets. Blind and shade control by hand held remotes, wifi available.

Motor Options:
  -12v wired power, wireless remote (standard)
  -wireless battery motor, wireless remote
  -battery motor, wireless remote, solar charger option
  -12v wired power, wired switch

Composition: 36% Fiberglass / 64% Vinyl.

Weight:5%  openess = 10.7 oz / yd2 (363 g / m2) + 5%

Thickness: 5% openess = .016" (0.41 mm) + 5%



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