15 Ch Hand Held Remote

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RollerTrolâ„¢ 15 channel remote with wall mount holster: radio signal travels through walls, assign single motor to each dedicated channel, assign multiple motors to a single channel, operate channels individually or ALL simultaneously, use more than one remote from different locations, set travel limits without touching motor (5 ch also available)

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15 channel remote:

  • control 15 radio equipped RollerTrolâ„¢ blind motors and window/skylight openers individually
  • also has an 'ALL' setting to move everything at once
  • set upper/lower motor travel limits without touching motor
  • ZWAVE grouping also available
  • you can also assign multiple motors to single channel (also supports grouping)
  • you can also assign multiple remotes to single motor (also supports grouping)
  • wall mount holster provided, 5 ch also available

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